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About Blue Sky Custom Homes

Our 20 years of experience has taught us that great communication and well tested processes and systems develop trust quickly with our clients. Blue Sky Custom Homes is a family-owned, residential, general contracting company providing design-build consulting services and construction management to the Denver metro area. Through innovative designs, a process approach, and quality building methods, we delight our clients while adding a significant value to their investment. However, it’s our continuous focus on the client experience and greater community that sets us apart. Beginning with our initial conversation, moving through design, into production and ultimately project completion, Blue Sky is your preferred resource for reliable and professional service.

Designing a custom home from just a list of ideas and needs, is exciting. It’s an opportunity to get things just right from the beginning, and make every aspect of your home your own. However, we’re not starting from a blank slate. We’re starting from where you and your family are now, where you may be in the future, and what you need from your home. New home design should explore that direct, intimate relationship between architecture and the way your family lives. Working with a dedicated Design-Builder can eliminate the scary unknowns. With a detailed analytical approach, through smart and careful planning, and a professional team of experts, we help remove the stress of decision-making and budgeting.   

Our team is made up of knowledgeable and personable people who work tirelessly to understand you and your project needs and ensure you feel cared for. If you’re looking for a company that will partner with you, respond promptly, protect your budget and make your vision a reality, look to Blue Sky


Photo Gallery

Lot 8

Acreage – 1.72          Lot Price – TBD

Lot 5

Acreage – 3.01          Lot Price – TBD

Lot 87

Acreage – 2.99          Lot Price – $525,000

Lot 60

Acreage – 1.74          Lot Price – $370,000

Lot 71

Acreage – 2.44          Lot Price – $355,000

Lot 70

Acreage – 1.64          Lot Price – $345,000

Lot 81

Acreage – 2.55          Lot Price – $505,000

Lot 83

Acreage – 3.00          Lot Price – $535,000

Lot 80

Acreage – 1.54          Lot Price – $410,000

Lot 86

Acreage – 2.94          Lot Price – $525,000

Lot 79

Acreage – 1.52          Lot Price – $400,000

Lot 88

Acreage – 1.50          Lot Price – $420,000

Lot 45

Acreage – 1.85          Lot Price – $389,000