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About Picasso Homes

Picasso Homes is proud of its stunning homes and the process that it takes to achieve them. Few endeavors in life provide the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment like that of planning and building a new custom home. Because of this, an essential starting point is the selection of a builder whom you can trust to understand your needs and provide the ultimate sanctuary in which you live and enjoy your life. Bringing the fundamental elements together: the architect, builder, general contractor, design team and site manager all work in a collaborative effort. As an integrated team, all parties working in tandem, Picasso Homes eliminates costly mistake and change orders, keeping the project on schedule and on budget, while providing a seamless methodology to custom home building. With a combined 75 years in the industry, come see how our skilled and dedicated team integrates fresh ideas, uses innovative materials, and turns your vision of home into an achievable, gratifying reality. Being established in Colorado Springs, Picasso Homes is one of the most creative custom home builders. Having delivered over 1,000 single family homes, the founding members of Picasso Homes have the knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional value in your new home integrated with a collaborative design process.

Lot 8

Acreage – 1.72          Lot Price – TBD

Lot 5

Acreage – 3.01          Lot Price – TBD

Lot 87

Acreage – 2.99          Lot Price – $525,000

Lot 60

Acreage – 1.74          Lot Price – $370,000

Lot 71

Acreage – 2.44          Lot Price – $355,000

Lot 70

Acreage – 1.64          Lot Price – $345,000

Lot 81

Acreage – 2.55          Lot Price – $505,000

Lot 83

Acreage – 3.00          Lot Price – $535,000

Lot 80

Acreage – 1.54          Lot Price – $410,000

Lot 86

Acreage – 2.94          Lot Price – $525,000

Lot 79

Acreage – 1.52          Lot Price – $400,000

Lot 88

Acreage – 1.50          Lot Price – $420,000

Lot 45

Acreage – 1.85          Lot Price – $389,000